Class ObjectContext

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    public class ObjectContext
    extends java.lang.Object
    Object context
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    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • search

        public boolean search
        Search form
      • list

        public boolean list
        List context
      • create

        public boolean create
        Create context
      • createFormEnabled

        public boolean createFormEnabled
        Create enabled on form?
      • createListEnabled

        public boolean createListEnabled
        Create enabled on list?
      • copy

        public boolean copy
        Create from copy context
      • copyEnabled

        public boolean copyEnabled
        Copy enabled ?
      • update

        public boolean update
        Update context
      • updateFormEnabled

        public boolean updateFormEnabled
        Update enabled on form?
      • updateListEnabled

        public boolean updateListEnabled
        Update enabled on list?
      • merge

        public boolean merge
      • updateAll

        public boolean updateAll
        Update all
      • delete

        public boolean delete
        Delete context
      • deleteFormEnabled

        public boolean deleteFormEnabled
        Delete enabled on form?
      • deleteListEnabled

        public boolean deleteListEnabled
        Delete enabled on list?
      • refSelect

        public boolean refSelect
        Reference select context
      • associate

        public boolean associate
        Associate context
      • datamapSelect

        public boolean datamapSelect
        Data mapping select context
      • datamapName

        public java.lang.String datamapName
        Data mapping name
      • crosstab

        public boolean crosstab
        Cross table context
      • crosstabName

        public java.lang.String crosstabName
        Cross table name
      • agenda

        public boolean agenda
        Agenda context
      • agendaName

        public java.lang.String agendaName
        Agenda name
      • placemap

        public boolean placemap
        Placemap context
      • placemapName

        public java.lang.String placemapName
        Placemap name
      • graph

        public boolean graph
        Graph context
      • graphName

        public java.lang.String graphName
        Graph name
      • printtmpl

        public boolean printtmpl
        Print template context
      • printtmplName

        public java.lang.String printtmplName
        Cross table name
      • export

        public boolean export
        Export context
      • saveAction

        public boolean saveAction
        Save action required
      • closeAction

        public boolean closeAction
        Close required
      • deleteAction

        public boolean deleteAction
        Delete action required
      • customAction

        public java.lang.String customAction
        Custom action required
      • exportAction

        public boolean exportAction
        Export action required
      • inline

        public boolean inline
        Object form is embedded in the parent form (0,1 link)
      • noAction

        public boolean noAction
        Form without actions nor links
      • process

        public boolean process
        In a process
      • messages

        public transient java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.util.List<ObjectContext.FormMessage>> messages
        List of form messages by line
    • Constructor Detail

      • ObjectContext

        public ObjectContext()
        Empty constructor
    • Method Detail

      • isActionEnabled

        public boolean isActionEnabled​(java.lang.String action)
        Is action enabled?
        action - Action name
        True if action is enabled
      • get

        public int get()
        Get context as ObjectDB.CONTEXT_* constant
      • isSearch

        public boolean isSearch()
        Is search context?
        True if search context
      • isList

        public boolean isList()
        Is list context ?
      • isCreate

        public boolean isCreate()
        Is create context ?
      • isCopy

        public boolean isCopy()
        Is copy context ?
      • isUpdate

        public boolean isUpdate()
        Is update context ?
      • isUpdateAll

        public boolean isUpdateAll()
        Is bulk update context ?
      • isBulkUpdate

        public boolean isBulkUpdate()
        Is bulk update context (alias to isUpdateAll) ?
      • isAssociate

        public boolean isAssociate()
        Is bulk association context ?
      • isDelete

        public boolean isDelete()
        Is update context ?
      • isRefSelect

        public boolean isRefSelect()
        Is reference selection context ?
      • isDatamapSelect

        public boolean isDatamapSelect()
        Is datamap selection context ?
      • isCrosstab

        public boolean isCrosstab()
        Is pivot table context ?
      • isPivotTable

        public boolean isPivotTable()
        Is pivot table context (alias to isCrosstab) ?
      • isGraph

        public boolean isGraph()
        Is graph context ?
      • isPrintTemplate

        public boolean isPrintTemplate()
        Is print template context ?
      • isExport

        public boolean isExport()
        Is export template context ?
      • apply

        public void apply​(ObjectDB obj,
                          java.lang.String edit)
        Apply the context related to object: apply constraints, init hooks
        obj - contextual object
        edit - additional edit list context 'new' or 'rows'
      • enable

        public void enable​(ObjectDB obj,
                           boolean lineSelected)
      • contains

        public boolean contains​(java.lang.String display,
                                java.lang.String lineId)
      • getMessages

        public java.util.List<ObjectContext.FormMessage> getMessages​(char[] levels,
                                                                     java.lang.String lineId)
        Return messages related to a list of levels and line ID, or null if none
      • getMessages

        public java.util.List<ObjectContext.FormMessage> getMessages​(char level,
                                                                     java.lang.String lineId)
        Return messages related to level and a line ID, or null if none
      • getMesssages

        public java.util.List<ObjectContext.FormMessage> getMesssages​(char level)
        Return all messages related to a level, or null if none
      • addMessages

        public void addMessages​(ObjectDB obj,
                                java.util.List<java.lang.String> msg,
                                Grant g,
                                java.lang.String lineId)
        Convert messages into a FormMessage
      • addMessage

        public void addMessage​(ObjectDB obj,
                               java.lang.String msg,
                               Grant g)
        Convert not empty message into a FormMessage
      • addMessage

        public void addMessage​(ObjectDB obj,
                               java.lang.String msg,
                               Grant g,
                               java.lang.String lineId)
        Convert not empty message into a FormMessage