Class ObjectData.Def

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    public class ObjectData.Def
    extends java.lang.Object
    Core object definition, must be keep in memory during all the user session
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    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • m_datasource

        public StringIntern m_datasource
        Object datasource name (null means default datasource)
      • m_datasourcevendor

        public int m_datasourcevendor
        Object datasource vendor
      • m_pluraldisplay

        public StringIntern m_pluraldisplay
        Object plural display
      • m_is_query

        public boolean m_is_query
        Is object a specific query object
      • m_is_service

        public boolean m_is_service
        Is object a service object
      • m_field

        public java.util.List<ObjectField> m_field
        Ordered fields
      • m_foreignKeys

        public java.util.List<ObjectField> m_foreignKeys
        Foreign keys
      • m_refObjects

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.util.List<ObjectField>> m_refObjects
        Referenced object name => fks
      • m_groupBy

        public java.util.List<ObjectField> m_groupBy
        Group by fields
      • m_fieldImage

        public ObjectField m_fieldImage
        First image field
      • m_areas

        public FieldAreas m_areas
        Ordered field areas
      • m_statusField

        public ObjectField m_statusField
        Status field (if object is a state model object)
      • m_listOpeFields

        public java.util.List<ObjectField> m_listOpeFields
        List operation fields
      • m_defaultSearchSpec

        public StringIntern m_defaultSearchSpec
        Default search specification
      • m_ctxhelps

        public java.util.List<ObjectCtxHelp> m_ctxhelps
        Contextual helps
      • m_historic

        public boolean m_historic
        Flag for table historization
      • m_historic_name

        public StringIntern m_historic_name
        Historization object name
      • m_historic_table

        public StringIntern m_historic_table
        Historization object table
      • m_hist_post

        public boolean m_hist_post
        Flag for social post historization
      • m_hist_log

        public boolean m_hist_log
        Flag for redo log historization
      • m_hist_redolog

        public boolean m_hist_redolog
        Flag for full redo log historization
      • m_useTimeStamp

        public int m_useTimeStamp
        Timestamped object
      • m_distinct

        public boolean m_distinct
        Flag to make DB 'select distinct'. useful for pickup/popup object.
      • m_inherited

        public java.util.List<java.lang.String> m_inherited
        Inherited objects list
      • m_useform

        public boolean m_useform
        True if the form is accessible
      • m_limit

        public boolean m_limit
        True to pagine list
      • m_listSize

        public int m_listSize
        List current page size
      • m_predefSearch

        public int m_predefSearch
        Predefined search 1=edit 2=use only
      • m_predefSearchOnList

        public boolean m_predefSearchOnList
        Fast access to predefined search on list
      • m_menuSearch

        public char m_menuSearch
        Search on list on menu access ?
      • m_listSearch

        public boolean m_listSearch
        Display embedded search in list ?
      • m_export

        public boolean m_export
        True to allow export
      • m_print

        public boolean m_print
        True to allow print
      • m_copy

        public boolean m_copy
        True to allow copy
      • m_followLinks

        public boolean m_followLinks
        True to allow follow links
      • m_createOnLinks

        public boolean m_createOnLinks
        True to allow create on links
      • m_updall

        public boolean m_updall
        True to allow bulk update
      • m_delall

        public boolean m_delall
        True to allow bulk delete
      • m_searchLimit

        public int m_searchLimit
        Search limit
      • m_searchLimitError

        public boolean m_searchLimitError
        Search limit
      • m_links

        public java.util.List<Link> m_links
        List of 0,n links
      • m_refCount

        public boolean m_refCount
        Count the link references ?
      • m_functId

        public java.util.List<ObjectField> m_functId
        List of functional keys/fields
      • m_selectRow

        public boolean m_selectRow
        Enable row selection for bulk update ?
      • m_mergeable

        public boolean m_mergeable
        Can merge rows ?
      • m_socialPopup

        public boolean m_socialPopup
        Social posts in popup
      • m_socialInline

        public boolean m_socialInline
        Social posts inlined in form
      • m_socialShare

        public boolean m_socialShare
        Social share
      • m_isListTree

        public boolean m_isListTree
        Display tree on reflexive object
      • m_reflexiveLinks

        public java.util.List<Link> m_reflexiveLinks
        Reflexive links
      • m_datamap

        public java.util.List<java.util.List<Datamap>> m_datamap
        Field datamaps
      • m_template

        public StringIntern m_template
        Template to display the fields
      • m_objTemplate

        public ObjectTemplate m_objTemplate
        Structured template to display the fields
      • m_ui_template

        public StringIntern m_ui_template
        Template to display the fields on front UI
      • m_ui_miniature

        public StringIntern m_ui_miniature
        Template to display the minified form on front UI
      • m_view

        public java.util.List<View> m_view
        Object views
      • m_viewMode

        public char m_viewMode
        Views display mode
      • m_defaultLink

        public StringIntern m_defaultLink
        Default panel
      • m_java

        public boolean m_java
        Hooks in Java ?
      • m_constraint

        public Constraint m_constraint
        Constraints definition
      • m_constraintStaticScript

        public SharedScript m_constraintStaticScript
        Script of static constraints
      • m_constraintDynamicScript

        public SharedScript m_constraintDynamicScript
        Script of dynamic constraints
      • m_crosstab

        public java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentMap<java.lang.String,​Crosstab> m_crosstab
      • m_crosstab_visibility

        public boolean m_crosstab_visibility
        Crosstab visibility
      • m_prttmpl

        public java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentMap<java.lang.String,​PrintTemplate> m_prttmpl
        Print templates
      • m_prttmpl_visibility

        public boolean m_prttmpl_visibility
        Print template visibility
      • m_graph

        public java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentMap<java.lang.String,​Graphic> m_graph
      • m_req_select

        public StringIntern m_req_select
        Select cache
      • m_agenda

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​Agenda> m_agenda
      • m_placemap

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​PlaceMap> m_placemap
        Place maps
      • m_timesheet

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​Timesheet> m_timesheet
      • m_isIndexable

        public boolean m_isIndexable
        Is indexable ?
      • m_canGroupBy

        public boolean m_canGroupBy
        Can group by fields ?
      • m_menuTray

        public boolean m_menuTray
        Use menu tray ?
      • m_menuDashboard

        public boolean m_menuDashboard
        Use menu dashboard ?
      • m_calculated_db

        public java.util.List<ObjectField> m_calculated_db
        Calculated fields stored in DB
      • m_calculated_ui

        public java.util.List<ObjectField> m_calculated_ui
        Calculated fields non-persistent
      • m_form_layout

        public int m_form_layout
        Form layout
      • m_listEdit

        public boolean m_listEdit
        Can edit rows on list ?
      • m_listAddListSingle

        public boolean m_listAddListSingle
        Can create on list (once) ?
      • m_listAddListLoop

        public boolean m_listAddListLoop
        Can create on list (loop) ?
      • m_listAddForm

        public boolean m_listAddForm
        Can create on form ?
      • m_listUpsert

        public boolean m_listUpsert
        Can create+edit rows on list ?
      • m_searchSpec

        public java.lang.String m_searchSpec
        Current search specification
      • m_scripts

        public java.util.List<SharedScript> m_scripts
        Server object inherited scripts
      • m_sharedScripts

        public java.util.List<SharedScript> m_sharedScripts
        Shared server scripts
      • m_hIndexes

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Integer> m_hIndexes
        Search field optimization
      • m_hTypes

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Boolean> m_hTypes
        Search field optimizations
      • m_btn_reload

        public char m_btn_reload
        Button reload visibility
      • m_btn_prefs

        public char m_btn_prefs
        Button preference visibility
      • m_btn_del

        public char m_btn_del
        Button delete visibility
      • m_btn_copy

        public char m_btn_copy
        Button copy visibility
      • m_btn_export

        public char m_btn_export
        Button export visibility
      • m_btn_listedit

        public char m_btn_listedit
        Button edit list visibility
      • m_btn_listadd

        public char m_btn_listadd
        Button create on list visibility
      • m_btn_listupsert

        public char m_btn_listupsert
        Button create+update list visibility
      • m_btn_updall

        public char m_btn_updall
        Button bulk update visibility
      • m_btn_delall

        public char m_btn_delall
        Button bulk delete visibility
      • m_btn_merge

        public char m_btn_merge
        Button merge visibility
      • m_btn_save

        public boolean m_btn_save
        Button save visibility
      • m_btn_saveClose

        public boolean m_btn_saveClose
        Button save/close visibility
      • m_btn_saveNew

        public boolean m_btn_saveNew
        Button save/new visibility
      • m_btn_saveCopy

        public boolean m_btn_saveCopy
        Button save/copu visibility
      • m_btn_close

        public boolean m_btn_close
        Button close visibility
      • m_resources

        public java.util.List<Resource> m_resources
        Front-end resources
      • m_startDate

        public ObjectField m_startDate
        Start date
    • Constructor Detail

      • Def

        public Def()