Class ObjectData.Dyn

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    public class ObjectData.Dyn
    extends java.lang.Object
    Dynamic data, will be cleared if not used after a long period
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    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • m_isMoreSearch

        public boolean m_isMoreSearch
        Flag to store the more/less context in searches
      • m_isMoreOnForm

        public boolean m_isMoreOnForm
        Flag to store the more/less context in form
      • m_isMoreOnList

        public boolean m_isMoreOnList
        Flag to store the more/less context in list
      • m_isMoreRows

        public boolean m_isMoreRows
        Flag to store the more/less rows context in list
      • m_copyId

        public java.lang.String m_copyId
        Contextual row ID to copy
      • m_readOnly

        public boolean m_readOnly
        Flag to force read global
      • m_idxCurrentPage

        public int m_idxCurrentPage
        Current index page
      • m_maxPage

        public int m_maxPage
        Pages count
      • m_currentAction

        public java.lang.String m_currentAction
        Current action
      • m_currentList

        public java.util.List<java.lang.String[]> m_currentList
        Current search/list
      • m_currentListPos

        public int m_currentListPos
        Current position in page
      • m_currentView

        public StringIntern m_currentView
        Current view to open (VIEW_MODE_TABS)
      • m_selectedIds

        public java.util.List<java.lang.String> m_selectedIds
        List selected ids
      • m_listTree

        public ObjectNode m_listTree
        Store the tree
      • m_searchIdx

        public int m_searchIdx
        Selected index of predefined search
      • m_parent

        public ObjectCore m_parent
        Parent object context
      • m_parentRefField

        public java.lang.String m_parentRefField
        Parent object context reference field
      • m_parentValues

        public java.lang.String[] m_parentValues
        Parent object context values
      • m_list_mode

        public int m_list_mode
        List Read/Add/Edit toggle
    • Constructor Detail

      • Dyn

        public Dyn()