Version 4.0 patchlevel 24 release note


As of this patchlevel 24 the platform is compiled with the current OpenJDK version 11 (forced in version 1.8 compatibility mode). This is required because some of the dependencies are no longer compiled with a (Open)JDK 1.8 (e.g. Docx4J).

This means the minimal required JVM to run the platform is a JVM 11.

However an up-to-date JVM is always the preferable option.

A fatal exception is now thrown if you use a unsupported JVM (< 8), preventing the webapp to start. And a warning message is logged if you use a non tested JVM (>= 8 and <= 11).

Note: All our Docker images are now shipped with the OpenJDK version 14+ JVM.

Light variant

A "light" variant of the platform is now provided excluding some third party libraries:

This "light" variant is, for now, still JVM version 1.8 compatible as it excludes the dependencies that are no longer JVM version 1.8 compatible.

However it is not recommended to keep using a JVM 1.8, even with this "light" variant because some other dependencies that will certainly be upgraded in the future may not remain JVM 1.8 compatible.


The jQuery® version is now a version 3.4.1 (it used to be a version 2.2.4 till previous patch level).

Depending on how you have written your custom client-side code, there might be some changes required due to some deprecation removals in jQuery 3, see the jQuery 3 Upgrade Guide for details.


Both versions V3 and V4 are included in the platform:

Compatibility breaking changes

The following changes need your attention, and may require some refactoring of your custom code.

Core changes

javascript:debugger; alert("param=" + app.sysparams.MY_PARAM + " value=" + obj.getFieldValue("myObjectField") + " login=" + grant.login)`

UI changes


Backported since release 2020