LDAP objects

This document applies to version 4.0 P 21 and above.

It describes how to configure and use remote LDAP objects.

Warning: this configuraton item is still being developed, its configuration strategy is likely to change.


To configure a remote LDAP business object the Table field value must be service-ldap.

The configuration of the remote LDAP business object is then set in the Filter field as JSON:

    "url": "ldap://<LDAP host>:<LDAP port>",
    "basedn": "<base DN for LDAP entries, e.g. ou=People,dc=myorg>",
    "subtree": <true|false, optional flag to tell whether to search in base DN subtree or just at base DN level, defaults to true>,
    "userdn": "<Optional LDAP user DN for authenticated requests, e.g. cn=myadmin,dc=myorg",
    "userpassword": "<Optional LDAP user password for authenticated requests>",
    "limit": <Optional limit for search, defaults to user max page size, note that LDAP objects are forced non paginated>,
    "filter": "<Optional static filter>"

Then you need to configure fields with the LDAP attribute name as column name.

A good practice is to use the uid attribute for the custom row ID field of your object.