TomEE® deployment

Simplicité® 3.1 (and above) instances can be deployed on the TomEE® JEE webprofile application server.

Webapp deployment

The TomEE® application server is based on Tomcat® web container, it is possible to straightforward deploy Simplicité® as a Tomcat webapp package.

Just make sure the <TomEE root>/webapps/<webapp, e.g. "ROOT">/WEB-INF/classes/ matches the same Tomcat® version as the one used by TomEE®.

E.g. for TomEE® version 7.0. which is based on Tomcat® 8.5.


Specific configuration to use EJB interface type

In order to benefit from EJB-wrapped engine interface type there are some additional configurations to do:

Modify the <TomEE root>/webapps/<app, e.g. ROOT>/WEB-INF/classes/ to indicate that the server is TomEE®:


Note: A better approach, if possible, is to run your application server with a -Dserver.vendor=tomee