Project package and ANT tasks

This document describes the typical Simplicité® project package derived from the standard setup package.

Project package folders

The project package includes the following folders:

Main ANT tasks

The main ANT tasks provided by the build.xml build file are the following:


At each maintenance release you must synchronize your project with the setup package of your Simplicité(R) version (check and upgrade all properties files build files, libs, ...).

After this synchronization is done, the typical sequence for upgrading your instance is:

  1. Make a full backup of your instance and of its data (database and documents)
  2. Update the technical platform components (JDK, application server, RDBMS, ...) to their appropriate up-to-date versions (please refer to this document for details on approriate components versions for your Simplicité® version
  3. Start your application server and apply system patches using ant apply[current]systempatches
  4. Stop your application server and upgrade the application package using ant deploy
  5. Restart your application server

This must be adapted to your particular context. Note that this typical sequence applies to the usual upgrades from one maintenance release to the next one.