Frequently Asked Question


Is it possible to use the foo database, the bar application server, the baz JVM version, ...?

Please refer to the compliance tables.

For details on some specific installation/operation requirements, please refer to the miscellaneous documentations on this page.


What is the current maintenance status of version x.y?

Please check this document and the latest release notes of considered version (links available on this page).


Where can I find general usage documentation for the generic web UI?

You can find such information the the UI documentation.



Where to starts with to build my first business application?

A good start is the training website and then you can dig deeper in the documentation.

Business objects

Is it possible to have a business object search page with a default mode using a "starts with" strategy (as in the selection popups) ?

Not yet, this is in the roadmap for next version. At that stage you still need to type an explicit * wildcard.

How can we set the number of rows in list ?

This is a global setting defined at user level (min and max number of rows per lists) and dynamically configurable at list level. For business objects with few rows you can inhibitate the pagination, then all rows will be displayed

Keep in mind that lists with a high number of rows combined with many fields visible on lists will result in huge page volumes with poor performances (and low useability).

Is it possible to have "combo" fields with a fixed list of values and the ability to type in another value ?

Yes and no.

There are no combo box fields (this is not a HTML standard anyway). There are at least two approaches:


Server side scripts

Where can I find general documentation and code samples on server side scripting?

You can browse the core documentations for code examples (general, business objects hooks, business workflows hooks, adapters, publications, dispositions, ...).

Are there some limitations or usual traps on the server side scripts that I should be aware of?

Yes! Please refer to this documentation for details on things to avoid (to avoid headhaches).


Where can I find general documentation on integration interfaces, APIs, code samples...?

You can browse the documentations:


How can I configure the logging of the application?

Please refer to this document