Simplicité® standard formats

Standard XML format XSD schemas

The standard XML format is described in the following XSD schemas:

Standard ZIP format

A standard ZIP format consist of one or several standard XML files located in the root folder with attached documents in arbitrary (sub)folders. The standard XML files refers the relative path of the attached documents.


|_ folder 1
|  |_ subfolder 1.1
|  | |_ file 1.1.1
|  | |_ file 1.1.2
|  |_ subfolder 1.2
|    |_ file 1.2.1
|    |_ file 1.2.2

Standard CSV format

The standard CSV format is for a single business object. The first line MUST contains the logical field names of the data of the subsequent lines. The separator is by default a semicolon ; but it can be an arbitrary character (e.g. a comma ,, a pipe |, a tabulation, etc.)


Code 1;Label 1;Ref code 1;Ref value 1
Code 2;Label 2;Ref code 2;Ref value 2
Code n;Label n;Ref code n;Ref value n